Predictions Overview

IntoTheBlock Predictions provide projections of the direction in which price is expected to move over the next hour. At the moment IntoTheBlock has predictive models for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, though we are working on adding support for more crypto-assets. These simple-looking indicators are the result of deep-learning models built by IntoTheBlock’s data science team over many months. The models are constantly re-trained to improve accuracy. We encourage you to read more about these processes here.

To understand how IntoTheBlock Predictions work, it is important to clarify a few concepts.


This is the minimum variation the predictive models anticipate price to move by, measured in basis points.

Basis Points

These are simply percentage points. For example, the 10 basis points model predicts a minimum change of 0.10% over the following hour.

Price Direction

Can be one of four possibilities: Up, Down, Neutral, or No Prediction. The latter occurs when the model is not confident enough to give a prediction, and it is not to be confused with Neutral (which means that the price is not expected to move significantly in either direction).

Prediction Accuracy

The 7-day average rate that the predictive model has been correct. For example if the model has an accuracy of 70% it has on average accurately predicted 7 out of 10 predictions.

Reference Price

The average price for the last hour across several large centralized exchanges.

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