Number of Large Transactions


IntoTheBlock labels as large transactions those where an amount greater than $100,000 USD was transferred. In this case, the Number of Large Transactions indicator aggregates the total number of transactions that had a value greater than $100,000.

This indicator can be shown either as a Total or Adjusted basis. The adjusted view filters out large transactions where the amount transacted returns back to the original address, while the total view would still include these transactions. In other words, if address A sends address B $120,000 and address B proceeds to retransfer address A the $120,000, the total view would include this as two separate large transactions while the adjusted filter would exclude this and show zero large transactions for this instance.

πŸ’‘ How can I use it?

The number of large transactions is a relevant metric tracking the count of transactions greater than $100,000. Since this sum of money is not available to the average retail trader on-chain, the indicator acts as a proxy to the number of whales’ and institutional players’ transactions.

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