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East vs. West


The East vs West indicator provides an approximation of the demographic distribution of activity for a particular crypto-asset. This metric is calculated by comparing the number of transactions that take place between 10:01PM to 10:00AM UTC (Eastern times) versus the transactions that take place between 10:01AM to 10:00PM UTC (Western times).
There are two ways to view the East vs West indicator: 14 Days and All Time. The default view shows the last two weeks worth of transactions. All Time shows the pattern in transaction demographics by the day of the week historically.

💡 How can I use it?

The East vs West indicator is helpful for traders to be aware of when most transaction activity is expected to occur. If most activity takes place during Eastern times and you are located in the West, you may want to set stop losses or accommodate your strategy given that you may be asleep while most of the action occurs.
East vs West for OKEx’s OKB token
In the example above you can see OKB, which has approximately 62% of its transactions occurring during Eastern trading times. Therefore, if you are trading this token and are located in the West, you may want to set a stop loss in case OKB sees volatile price activity while you are not trading.
⭐️ Quick Tip: Check your favorite crypto’s location predominance to see if it's likely to have more trading activity in your time zones. Adjust your trading strategy accordingly.
Last modified 3yr ago