Number of NFT Sales


This indicator measures the number of NFT sales that happened over time. The first series is the cumulative number of sales of NFTs, while the second series is the NFT sales completed each day. The X axis is the date, and the Y axis measures the amount of NFT sales.

How can I use it?

Tracking the historical number of NFT sales can provide valuable insights into the growth and popularity of the NFT market. By analyzing the number of NFT sales over time, it is possible to identify trends and patterns in the market, such as periods of high demand and low demand.

In the screenshot above, it can be seen how most of the 2022 has kept a oscillating trend but constant amount of NFT sales per day. Currently this amount trends between 25k to 75k daily sales. It is interesting to compare this indicator with the Volume Traded by NFTs indicators, which was showing a large cool down. Besides the amount in dollars being substantially lower, this indicator shows how the demand of NFTs has kept relatively steady during all 2022, with tens of thousands of sales each day.

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