DeFi Tokens Active Addresses


As the name suggests, this insight shows the number of active addresses for the top DeFi tokens. An active address is defined as an address that makes a transaction on a given day. It is important to note that this metric tracks the usage of DeFi tokens, not their protocols. Users are able to select the total number of active addresses, or filter these as a ratio of ETH’s daily active addresses.

The list of token series available show data are sorted by the tokens with the most daily active addresses.

πŸ’‘ How can I use it?

This indicator is useful to compare network activity among the top DeFi tokens. In general, a high and increasing number of active addresses in a token indicates growing demand and healthy network activity. Feel free to select your favorite tokens, or related ones to observe patterns with their daily activity.

The ETH Ratio view is helpful to put into context the activity of these tokens relative to the underlying Ethereum network.

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