Gas Costs Heatmap


The Gas Costs Heatmap tracks gas fees to transact on the Ethereum blockchain. The indicator categorizes times and days with low gas prices in green and high gas prices in red. Users are able to see how gas prices have fared over the last 7-days, or see the 28-day average to obtain a more representative view of variations in gas prices.

💡 How can I use it?

The Gas Costs Heatmap is a must-use for users looking to interact with DeFi applications or other dapps on Ethereum. By using it, users can see when are historically the best times and days to perform activities such as obtaining a loan, yield farming or earning interest on their crypto. Simply observe trends to choose when it's likely for gas costs to be low and transact accordingly.

Users can choose to select the 7-day filter to track more near-term trends with gas costs, while the 28-day option provides data for the best times on average for the last four weeks.

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