Historical Active Addresses by Profitability


The Historic Profitability Status of Daily Active Addresses indicator provides a detailed visual and analytical overview of the historical data for daily active blockchain addresses, categorizing them based on their current profitability status: "in the money" (profiting), "at the money" (breaking even), and "out of the money" (losing money). This enables users to gauge the economic sentiment throughout time of active participants within a given blockchain by examining how many are currently profiting, breaking even, or incurring losses.

💡 How can I use it?

Address profitability metrics can influence collective market sentiment. A predominance of addresses "in the money" may convey positive sentiment and vice versa. By tracking these metrics over time, patterns related to market tops or bottoms, capitulation events, or periods of pronounced profit-taking may be identified.

In addition to providing a snapshot of current market sentiment, this historic indicator might also serve as a tool for predicting potential future movements. For instance, a rapid increase in addresses "out of the money" might suggest impending sell pressure. Similarly, an increase in addresses "in the money" might anticipate a future profit-taking event. Therefore, this indicator should be employed in conjunction with other metrics and indicators to formulate comprehensive market insights and strategies.

Furthermore, this indicator can help different group of users like:

  • Investors: Understanding the overall market sentiment and making informed investment decisions.

  • Traders: Identifying potential buy or sell signals based on mass profitability/loss metrics.

  • Analysts: Investigating correlations between profitability status and other market movements or events.

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