Balance by Holdings


This indicator shows the historical variation of the circulating supply categorized by the balance that the total number of addresses hold of that cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency selected is displayed in a different time series.

Two different toggle views are offered: Count and Percentage. Count view exhibits the aggregate count of balances of addresses over time and Percentage view shows the proportion of the circulating supply that is held by addresses with a certain balance.

💡 How can I use it?

In the example of the image below, it can be seen how historically the balances of addresses that hold 0 to 10 USDT have been the more predominant group of addresses despite the different market situations. Currently more than 90% of the total USDT supply is held by addresses that hold between 0 and 1000 USDT. This gives a good indication that the distribution of this stablecoin is mostly in the hands of retail investors instead of whales or large institutions.

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