Large Transactions Volume in USD


IntoTheBlock labels as large transactions those where an amount greater than $100,000 USD was transferred. In this case, the Large Transactions Volume in USD indicator measures the aggregate dollar amount transferred in such transactions.

This indicator can be shown either as a Total or Adjusted basis. The adjusted view filters out the volume in large transactions where the amount transacted returns back to the original address, while the total view would still include this volume. In other words, if address A sends address B $120,000 and address B proceeds to retransfer address A the $120,000, the total view would record a large transaction volume of $240,000, while the adjusted filter would exclude this and show zero large transaction volume.

💡 How can I use it?

Large Transactions Volume in USD provides an idea of the total amount transacted by whales and institutional players in a given day. Spikes in Large Transactions Volume point to high activity among institutional players either buying or selling. For instance, during December 2017, we saw Large Transactions Volume in USD surpassing $40 billion on three occasions, potentially signalling whales and institutional players selling at the end of the bull cycle.

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