All Time Highers / Lowers


IntoTheBlock identifies addresses that bought within 20% of a crypto-assetโ€™s all-time high price and classifies them as All Time Highers. Similarly, addresses that bought within 20% of the all-time low price are classified as All Time Lowers.

If an All Time Higher sells their position, the number of All Time Highers decreases. However, if prices drop even beyond 20% of the all-time high and one of the All Time Highers buys back, their total would increase. Same logic applies to All Time Lowersโ€™ addresses.

๐Ÿ’ก How can I use it?

The number of All Time Highers (left y-axis) generally moves in the opposite direction to the number of All Time Lowers (right y-axis). This pattern is useful to understand, as addresses who bought near the bottom tend to sell near the top, where All Time Highers rush into buying.

As with the Traders indicator, a spike in the number of All Time Highers points to high fear of missing out in a crypto-asset. While this tends to coincide with bubbles prior to a short-term correction, it does not mean that price cannot continue climbing. That being said, it is a useful indicator to monitor the degree of speculative action taking place.

On the other hand, All Time Lowers are generally savvy investors and/or team members in the crypto-asset. It may come as no surprise that they tend to sell as All Time Highers spike as they will look to exit their positions with high returns.

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