Most Valuable NFT Collections


Agreeing on which are the most valuable collections is certainly hard. We went for a method very similar to what is used for most cryptocurrencies, which is an alternative to market cap. With cryptocurrencies market cap is calculated by multiplying the current trading price times the circulating supply, and it is often used as a benchmark of the desirability of a cryptocurrency. With NFTs a similar approach can be made, by multiplying the average price of all pieces traded over a day times the total supply of the collection. This matrix is what we call โ€œMost Valuable NFT Collectionsโ€ and it shows the 20 most valuable collections, sorted by their market capitalization. The time frame selector allows you to see the variation of the metrics over the selected period of time.

How can I use it?

This matrix comparing the 20 most valuable NFT collections can provide valuable insights in several ways.

The matrix can help provide a snapshot of the current state of the NFT market and help identify which collections are the most successful and valuable. This information can be useful for investors and collectors who are seeking to understand the market situation. Furthermore it also provides a clear picture for anyone interested in the overall health of the market.

Moreover, this indicator can help users identify trends and patterns within the NFT market. For example, in the picture above it can be seen how in the last 30 days the average price of Cryptopunks have decreased 19% while Bored Apes have increased 19%.

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