Token Summary

IntoTheBlock’s Token Summary provides a narrowed-down, simple view of some of the most relevant metrics for each crypto-asset. Each of these metrics has a more in-depth version, which users can access by clicking on them.

Here is a breakdown on what each of these indicators means:

Holders Making Money at Current Price

This metric summarizes the Global In/Out of the Money indicator. It shows what percentage of addresses holding this crypto-asset are making profits (in the money), breaking even (at the money) and losing money (out of the money) given the current market price.

Concentration by Large Holders

This indicator aggregates the percentage of circulating supply held by whales (addresses holding over 1% of supply) and investors (addresses holding between 0.1%-1%). The sum of these two is the total concentration by large holders.

Price Correlation with Bitcoin

The 30-day statistical correlation between the price of Bitcoin and a specific crypto-asset. A correlation close to 1 implies a strong positive correlation between the two prices, a correlation near 0 suggests no correlation and a correlation close to -1 points to a strong negative correlation (meaning that the price of Bitcoin and the asset in question tend to move in opposite directions).

Holders’ Composition by Time Held

This metric shows a crypto-asset’s ownership distribution by time held. All of the addresses holding this asset are classified as either a Hodler (holding this crypto for over a year), a Cruiser (holding for more than a month but less than a year) or a Trader (holding for less than a month).

Transactions Greater than $100k

Based on IntoTheBlock’s Large Transactions indicators, this metric shows the total volume transferred in transactions of over $100,000 USD (each) as well as the number of transactions surpassing that amount over the past 7 days.

Telegram Members Change

As its name suggests, this metric tracks the weekly change in the number of members in a crypto-asset’s official Telegram group. If the crypto-asset does not have an official Telegram group as is the case with Bitcoin, this token summary element will not be displayed.

Transaction Demographics

Based on the East vs West indicator, this shows the percentage of transactions that take place on eastern trading times (10PM - 10AM UTC), in comparison to those on western trading times (10AM - 10PM UTC) over the past 14 days.

Total Exchanges Inflows

This metric aggregates the total volume of a crypto-asset being deposited into top centralized exchanges over the past 7 days, based on IntoTheBlock’s Inflow Volume.

Total Exchanges Outflows

This indicator displays the total amount of a crypto-asset being withdrawn from top centralized exchanges over the past 7 days, based on IntoTheBlock’s Outflow Volume.

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