How Can I Use Them?

IntoTheBlock Predictions are not to be used as investment advice. Users are able to track the recent performance of IntoTheBlock’s predictive models and anticipate potential movements in price, but should not use this to inform trading or investing decisions.

The Price Evolution shows a short-term track record of the accuracy of predictions and how price has fluctuated over time. Users are able to scroll further back to monitor how the predictive models performed in specific circumstances over the last month.

The Historical Accuracy is a helpful summary of the daily performance of a predictive model. Users will be able to see the number of predictions made each day and the percentage of them that are correct (number on top of each daily bar).

Finally, IntoTheBlock has browser notifications for all predictive models, allowing users to stay ahead of the market. This can be accessed through the “Follow” button in the top right corner of a prediction page. This feature is exclusive to IntoTheBlock Pro subscribers. You can unlock this and access to IntoTheBlock's 50+ crypto-asset indicators by subscribing!

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