Addresses by Holdings


This indicator shows the historical variation of the number of addresses that hold a selected amount of that cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency selected is displayed in a different time series.

Two different toggleable views are offered: Count and Percentage. Count view exhibits the aggregate count of addresses over time and Percentage view shows the proportion of addresses that hold a certain balance over the total existing amount of addresses with balances of that cryptocurrency.

Below the chart area is shown a section with the variation (as percentage) over 30 days that each group with a certain balance has increased or decreased in size over the total amount of addresses.

💡 How can I use it?

The Addresses by Holdings indicator is interesting to understand how bigger or smaller holders of each cryptocurrency are acting over time, by increasing or decreasing their balances.

Addresses by Holdings for UNI (Uniswap).

As can be seen in the image above during the bull run of the first half of 2021 the price of UNI increased sharply and so did the amount of addresses that were holding UNI. Using addresses as a proxy of single holders we could read that most of the holders of UNI are those with 1 to 10 UNI and then 10 to 100 UNI (at current prices that would be a top of $1000) and that besides the recent range/down price action, these have continued to increase. So most holders have not so big balances and seem to continue consistently increasing besides the price swings.

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