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IntoTheBlock Resources is accessible to anyone regardless of their experience level, area of interest or intended use case. Whether you are new to crypto, or an advanced trader, you will find useful analytics through IntoTheBlock and learn how to use them through the Resources section. Feel free to browse through indicators by category:

Combine blockchain activity with price information to provide insights into user profitability, monetary value of transactions, and dominance of large traders, among others.

Process information directly from the blockchain to understand how a crypto asset’s network behaves in terms of user growth, transaction activity patterns, costs, etc.

Provide a view of a crypto asset’s “capital stack” according to concentration and holding period.

Provide an overview of on-chain transfers to and from exchanges, as well as within exchanges' order books.

Measure the pulse and feedback of a crypto asset’s community, including development activity and social network engagement.

Offer an overview of the fast-growing perpetual swaps and futures markets.

IntoTheBlock Resources also provides explanations on IntoTheBlock’s Predictions, which provide directional short-term projections of the price of large crypto-assets. Finally, there is also a section dedicated to decentralized finance (DeFi) Insights, covering an overview of the space and detailed analyses of the top protocols.

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