Break Even Price


The Break Even Price indicator looks at realized gains and losses based on on-chain data for addresses that are currently holding the crypto-asset. By adding the dollar value of all the sells of each address and subtracting from it the dollar value of all the buys, IntoTheBlock classifies the addresses that have realized profits and those that have realized losses. This is in contrast to In/Out of the Money indicators, which looks at unrealized profits/losses.

Green clusters are assigned to addresses that have realized gains, while red clusters symbolize addresses with realized losses. For addresses that have realized losses, price would have to increase to the specified price range in order for these holders to break even on their positions.

πŸ’‘ How can I use it?

The Break Even Price indicator provides an aggregate of holders' realized gains and losses for a particular crypto-asset. For instance, in the example above we can observe that over 390,000 Bitcoin addresses would need Bitcoin to increase all the way to $38,000 in order for them to break even. This is likely a result of them getting β€œrekt”, realizing several losses. Ouch.

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