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IntoTheBlock is an AI-powered, programmable financial services platform tailored to institutional investors in the decentralized finance space.

Our holistic approach covers crypto-assets from 5 major perspectives:

These explore indicators that use on-chain datasets to unveil fundamental analyses for over 500 crypto-assets. On-chain analytics are broken down into financial, network, ownership and exchange-flows indicators.

The most sophisticated analytics in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space for both general market data and specific decentralized protocols.

These dive into spot and derivatives trading data, as well as market sentiment for any crypto-asset.

Through IntoTheBlock Resources, you will be able to learn about the myriad of indicators you can use to better analyze and trade crypto. These indicators are used in sophisticated strategies by renowned crypto hedge funds and thousands of traders worldwide.

On-chain analytics to analyze the NFT market. You can view insights related to top NFT projects, New collections, trading volume and more.

Artificial intelligence-powered directional price predictions for top crypto-assets.

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